Sitemap - 2023 - Depresh Mode

Mud Wasps and Ketamine. Not a Cocktail, Don't Worry.

Special edition: Me and some things I make and do

Depressing music, commutes, and society in general

Josh Ritter, Mummies, and High Functioning Depression

Unprocessed Trauma, Processed Fufer and Greenrry Pans

Mrs. Carter, Ms. Strayed, and Mr. Run a Marathon Every Damn Day

Walking: Through Grief, Without Headphones, Straight Into Fridges

Bros v. Friends, Loggins, Messina, Deal, Beatles, Trauma

The 4th Item Here Will Make You Ugly Cry In a Good Way

Life Coaches, Sleep, Dancing, and a Snake

Intense Thoughts on Anxiety, Intense Animation on Frasier

Liking Music and What Music is Like For People Who Don't Like That Music

"Here, put this electrode in your brain, you'll feel less depressed" - Science

Costco is offering mental healthcare. My show is offering a Felicia Day interview.

Impostor Syndrome, Trauma Response, Frustrating Insurance Companies, Yes, But Also Legal Shrooms

Family secrets are real, laziness is not

Suicidal Ideation, Video Games, and a Real Happy Fun Ball

Maria Bamford, studies, lawsuits, and CARS SMASHING TO BITS

An actor finds health and you paint the Mona Lisa

Not impostors: you, hummingbirds, summer, Kerouac

Good: Jamie Lee Curtis, Talking Belugas, Bird Diversity

Bethany Cosentino, Amish mental health, rubber bands, and Wonderputt

Brain and Heart and Heat and Michigan and Johnny Cash and What Pets Can't Do

Happiness, taxonomy, and Cocoa Puffs

Acceptance, reading, and throbbing gravitational waves

Dogs and A SHOCKING REVELATION and long covid and Asteroid City

There's stuff about Taylor Swift in this newsletter

Sacrificing highs to avoid lows: a good bargain?

Darkness on the edge of Nebraska. And Atlantic City. And cities.

A Senator, Reefer, and Miserable Researchers

Birds make you feel better, narcissist birds probably don't

People doing things at home, for better or worse

Many things to be afraid of but also joyous dancing

Wins, Losses, Star Wars, Wes Anderson

Getting Your Mental Health Support While You Game

Let's go to therapy and totally win it, totally just come in fucking first place

Mental Health Manifested in Sticker Ambivalence

Strong guys, tall guys, strong tall guys, and a cartoon clown

Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Li'l Goats, Gary Gulman

I have so much to tell you so all the items will be short

An Episode for Every U.S. Senator

Greek gods, trained teens, and old typewriters

You're going to hell and your data is for sale happy monday

New shows! New sonnet! New decency!

Your mess has no moral weight. Your data is for sale. Your a-hole boss really is driving you nuts.

Get ready for more sightings of balloons that aren't really all that especially there

Guess the photo, the reason for moving to Norway, the meaning of you talking too much, the food

Update: AI is handy, Instagram is hurting kids, watching videos and tv shows is sometimes good

Getting emotional support from bots without feeling like a very silly person

Ducks, ADHD, and a Bear

Eat your broccoli pills because AI gonna make you fear-barf

Abandonment but also grocery store dancing

Basketball players are dialed in, football players are dropping out

David Sedaris and the Bovine Matrix