Sitemap - 2022 - Depresh Mode

Cookies and ducks and messed up musicians

Holidays Are Here. Go to Two Therapists.

Birds sing different now and it's all covid's fault

Comics! And a disconcerting song!

Is Lying Just Lying Or Is It An Illness?

What to do about doughboys and inner children

Depressed Cakes, Trigger Warnings, American Girl

Lovely gifts and also psychedelics, serotonin, and misery

Some Yikes, some laughs, some bubbles

Guitars, singing, negative affirmations, and tomatoes

The Royal Buckingham Princess of The High Seas or Fucking Whatever

Sucking in Texas, Obliviousness in London

Biden administration invests a billion bucks in youth mental health

Biting Into a Sandwich Without Knowing What's In It

Pirates want kids to get in the RV and chill out

Facebook is a wrecking ball slamming into mental health

A government plan to make your job suck less

"You Suck," Observe Cruel But Convincing Inner Voices

Shatner goes to space kinda, gets depressed

Sunday Scaries and pre-covid crazies: both real things


Love, actually. And phobias of phones and kayaks.

A short newsletter about pickles and the universe

Mental health expertise and societal subterfuge. Also Satan.

Libraries: good, student loans: bad, potato chips: good but bad

"Quiet quitting" is "stupid" "fucking" "bullshit"

Singer/songwriter/sorcerers, fatigue fatigue, and friendly ghosts

Keywords in this edition: Happiness, 988, fucking potato

Happiness, Skullbones, Explodey Songs

Detectives Who Box, Baseball Players Who Stop Playing, Tarot Cards That Aren't Spooky

Robots are good listeners, or so children obliviously think

Lady for Sale, Bad Advice on Tik Tok Given Out Free

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ring

Art, ignorance, and a big bowl of Chamily Luikes

Impending buzz ALREADY getting double-harshed

Your Brain is a Bowl of Spaghetti

Detectives, Shutting Up, and Haunting Yourself

Beavers and Ducks and just what the fuck and just what the fuck

Pro sports teams are not social service agencies

Movie Stars Are Just Like Us and Sometimes Addicted to Vicodin

I could drink a case of trowma

An Eagle, a Hawk, and a Sensitive Guy Who Beats the Shit Out of People

Powerful poetry and demystified tarot cards

Roadside Curtis Horror Kirke Mindfulness Sandwich

The wa-a-aiting is the hardest part about 988 preparedness

Yeah, Peter, I'm going to need to see those SNT reports

Two Americas, Three McElroys, Endless Edibles

Communism-tinged cynicism gives way to happy puppetry

Faith Salie looks at approval, Gordon Gano looks at that ugly lake

Frustration with Congress but ultimately plate flex tandems press task apparati


Existing: shorter phone number, Johnny Rotten's scorn

Booking David Sedaris, Expecting Covid Sedaris, Getting Different Sedaris

J. Balvin talks sensibly about meds and hangs out with Spongebob

Not doing fine: young humans. Doing fine: young foxes

Anxiety among scientists, Andre Agassi, and Mel Brooks

I'll have a coffee and a ponder owl donut, please

Brilliant funny humane writers and just a bit of math

Poetry, Despair, Nihilism, Rumination, Norwegians, Dogs Using Forks

Gardening helps! Unless the earth asplodes.

Word conundrums, birds with arms, helpful running

Maybe CBT stands for Carlos Boozer Therapy

Being True to Oneself, Hope and Despair, Banana Pasta

Awareness and hope.

Torn between two tonal options, feeling like a fool

I bought a calligraphy pen


I will let you sleep with celebrities if you give me money. Let me explain.

Me all over the dang place plus sleep, birds, and really big computers

Of course you could end up in a cult. Of course!

Cults & Goats & Sedaris & Navy & Scrub Daddy

We're Burned Out! And Depressed! And Shrooms Could Help!

What can make mental health better? iPads. And maybe peers. But certainly iPads

ADHD superfocus with Sarah Marshall, crisis, crisis, Reddit, Prince

Those terrible things really are that terrible but also: bike tricks!

Friendly talks with difficult people

Imagine I have a Personal Digital Assistant and dive on into it, reader

Never Simple Childhoods, Shorter Phone Numbers, and, Somehow, Race Car drivers?

Looking over your shoulder for the boss when you are the boss and own the shoulder

Nick Kroll is a monster! But it's okay! He's just pretending! On a tv show.

Could a Marvel product be not 100% realistic?

Joel Kim Booster was in a pit and people still ask me about it all the time

Typing over 200wpm thanks to ADHD

You were never Courtney Love's drummer but you have a lot in common with Patty Schemel, who was

Art, Drums, Pandemic, David Lee Roth, Tennis Guy

The existential crises hidden in home DNA kits

You have multiple personalities but none of them are poorly written villains

You have trauma, you're losing friends, and Uzbek Voldemort will confuse you

Drew Magary's recovery, Olympic minds, and Valentines that will confuse and cause upset

Autism can make you a better therapist, Starbucks can make you an overly generous money lender

Here are things that bite: Not Jen Kirkman, anxiety, Reality, mental health employment, college football, weird birds

Plants, imposters, and whether you are in a Nazi bar

We Made a Sex Episode

Sex, Plants, Swedes, Google, Beatles

Amanda Knox on what happened with her mental health after it was all over

Starts earnest, gets increasingly silly

Connor Franta 4real, depresh, anxo, college gun armories, and Kate Moe

21 things that helped me get through 2021

You can't spell DISHWASHING without ADHD