Sitemap - 2021 - Depresh Mode

A reflection on rest and odd numbers is hijacked by NBA mascots

Rough times in the world, slightly easier week for our producer Gabe

Armchair psychoanalysis of cartoons and mental health tips from the deeply sexy

The Bear Comes Every Night. The Bear Comes Every Night.

Bridger Winegar to Paul F. Tompkins to Camilla Cabello to a Chimp in a Suit

Questionable data, gross food, missed pitches, and more noteworthy fuckups

Aimee Mann, sweatpants, Selena Gomez, insurance, an egg: all mercifully unrelated

Some Things To Remember For The Holidays So Your Mind Doesn't Get All Donked Up

Broti Gupta, the Beatles, Andrew Garfield, and Taylor Swift but one of them is a murderer

Josh Gondelman is OKAY. Gary Gulman and I are trying to comprehend this.

Bang Your Head, Corporate Anxiety Will Drive You Mad

I'm glad I talked with Ivan Maisel about his son Max

Headshots, baby teeth, basketball, and rocks

Getting Your Mind Ready for the Gig Economy

Things that are horrifying vs things that are disquietingly weird

Video Games That Are Beautiful and Therapeutic and Fun and Sometimes You're a Doggie

Memo: Acquire Steelier Knives, Less Resolute Beast

Lane Moore and more, including a brand new meditation segment

Quizzing, Quitting, Twisted Sister, and Kids

Amos Lee, two types of mountain, an astronaut, Michigan, and people quitting

A short newsletter with tiny animals, art, and Bruce Springsteen

ICYMI: Tom Scharpling opens up

Six Things You Need To Know For Your Mental Health

Alison Rosen, Things I Can and Cannot Understand, Gross Leggings, and more

Just a list of things I've found to be totally untrue

Janet Varney, John Malkovich, NFL Players, and LSD

Bad: Dumbheads and Facebook. Good: This One Teen With Moxie and This One Turtle

Movies and TV that get it right. And ones that don't.

Politicians and bowling balls and hubris

Jackie Kashian and Maria Bamford and Venus Williams and Debilitating Burnout

Robots, Football, Penguin Skulls, Sand, Wonderwall

Donked Up Schools, Emotional Titans, and Things That Aren't Lobbies

The last place contestants in the Wear a Great Shirt contest.

Meditation, What It Is, and What It's Not

More like Back to COOL, Am I Right?

How to Express Concern About Someone’s Mental Health and When to Shut Up About It (Ep. 22)

A Big Jumpy State Fair Full of Sweat and Sticked Foods

Ep. 21 - Griffin Newman and Woody Allen

It's back! No? No, it's not back? I'm not back but I'm elsewhere? I'M ELSEWHERE!

Ep. 20 - A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers Helps Us Implode His Song

You Don't Have to Sit Like That, Megan

Ep. 19 - Dear Young Rocker

I went on a vacation

Ep. 17 - Anna Sale, death, sex, money, and hard questions

Newsletter: The Good Edition

Ep. 16 - Joel Kim Booster Is In A Pit

A mix tape with The Go-Go's, Britney, Carson Wentz, and Beardo

Ep. 15 - Alexandra Paul, Eating Disorders, and Surprising Science

A lead story that will make you sad and/or FURIOUS

Episode 14: You're not crazy, you just FEEL crazy

A friggin' guy, three MCs, and a nice lady

Episode 13: Stephanie Wittels Wachs

Stories and links that are kinda sideways about mental health

Episode 11: Bipolar 101 plus genealogical psychology

The store was offering free impossible situations!

Episode 11 - Allison Raskin and OCD and not really Khloe Kardashian

I went to a sort of barn and experienced mental conflict

Ep 10 - Jarrett Hill, Cultural Empathy in Therapists, and SO MANY HELENS


Episode 9 - Mental Health Care is On Screens For Good Now, Let’s Get Ready

It's almost over. I promise.

Episode 8: Zach Kornfeld, Ira Glass, Rhett Miller


Episode 7 - Peter Sagal, Jesse Thorn, and the MFD

Preshies. Preshing down on me, preshing down on you.

Episode 6: What to Expect When the Virus is Gone But COVID Trauma Remains

If you're 23 or over, you are no fun at all. Go ahead and languish.

Episode 5: Jenny Lawson

Finding Hope Under the Stairs

Open Mike Eagle and Psychopathy (unrelated)

BloodHag, Burnout, and... Binsomnia. Insomnia.

Episode 3: Burnout

A photo of me, collegiate, carefree and full of hair and hope, from the 1980s

Episodes 1 and 2: Patton Oswalt and Kelsey Darragh

Depresh Mode Comes to the Ubiquitous Screen

I proudly sit atop a throne of lies

All the good looking people

Depresh Mode with John Moe

Here's exactly what you should do to observe the pandemic anniversary

The warmth of the sauna vs. your naked friend

I love when a plan comes together

Lost generations, Kate Bush, and proper hygiene

Will we still be afraid of air and humans after vaccine?

We will run out of therapists. Plan accordingly. Now.

I'm a dead-eyed husk without Ichiro, etc.

Thin ice and hallucinogens

Can you make a gym for mental health?

A very cool and completely logical thing is happening in Denver

A few things to delight and distract you

Herzog, skateboarding, terminology, slugs, writers, vaccines, eggs

Funny videos and also the ongoing explosions of trauma

Awareness: Literally the Least You Can Do

You Can't Spell USA without U-S, eh?

Dream, Reality, Hamlet, Sea Shanties, Hanks

Some Very Troubling News But Also a Cat Video

The Strange Relief of Post-Coup Consequences

Those A-holes Were an Earthquake and a Drunk Dad

Access and Privacy in Teletherapy Options, or MY BRAIN HURTS